European Orchids

This is the HTML Version of an Apple II Hypercard stack which I have created several years ago. It describes all european and some american and asian species, gives instructions how they can be kept in culture and has a large section devoted to my unpleasant experiences with the bureaucracy in the department for nature protection in Karlsruhe, SW-Germany. I don't want to mention the name of this official here, I just say that she had a severe error in the way how she treats other people. All loyal nature lovers should be aware of such persons and I would be glad if other people share their experiences with their own bureaucrats with me.

Three words to all Apple II computer owners who read this: Thanks for nothing. When I released this stack as Shareware with no fixed amount I hoped that I would receive some feedback for it. I got exactly three e-mails and not even one liked the stack so much that he has donated something for it. It took about 6 months to finish this project and the same time to convert it to HTML.

The HTML version was created by me to give non-Apple users access to the contents of the stack. But I do still recommend the original Hypercard stack for everybody who has access to a real Apple II gs or an appropriate emulator (GUS and Bernie for the Mac or XGS and KeGS for the PC) . It is better than the HTML version in many ways, it has better graphics, background music and helpful hints in pop-up windows.

I would be very happy if anybody likes the stack or HTML page. Unfortunately, it will probably be the last nature-related stack if nobody wants to donate something for the cause. I can show you many miracles. I can guide you to hundreds of endangered plants and animals. And I can teach you much interesting knowledge. But the fact is, I can't do it for free now. I am starving and currently unemployed and researching, drawing and coding simply costs more time than I can currently spare.

Please support my work if you like it!

Boris Guenter
Foehrenhof 13
68305 Mannheim

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