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Woz Autographed Apple II Goes to Sheppy

 By Charles T. (Dr. Tom) Turley
 Editor - GS WorldView

A unique, or, surely, very rare Apple II
item was recently autioned on eBay.
When the bidding closed on 9/1/2000,
Eric (Sheppy) Shepherd of Sheppyware
had the high bid for an Apple IIe signed
by Steve Wozniak, the Apple II inventor
and co-founder of Apple Computer

Woz autographed the IIe to help raise
money for the Los Gatos High School
Science Department's Computer Lab.

Big congradulations go to Sheppy for
making the high bid.

Below are the closing auction stats and information from the eBay auction page:
Reference URL:  http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=421683856

Computers:  Hardware:Apple:Vintage

Bidding is closed for this item.

Currently:      $415.00
First bid:      $300.00
Quantity:       1
Time left:      Auction has ended.
Location:       Los Gatos, CA
Country/Region: USA/San Jose
Started:        Aug-27-00 18:07:36 PDT
Ended:          Sep-01-00 18:07:36 PDT
Seller:         kilroi@aol.com
High bid:       sheppyware

Item Information, Location and Condition:

Operational Apple II computer, signed by the inventor, Steve Wozniak. Proceeds
will be used to purchase new computer equipment for the Los Gatos High School
Science Department.  The successful bidder must be able to pick up the computer
from Los Gatos High School or pay up to $50 shipping and handling. This
computer has been in use at the high school for over 14 years but is in good
working order. A monitor and disk drive plus cables are included.

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