Major Apple II Archives

Apple //c .dsk Archive (French)- //c info, ADT transfer info,
Applesoft BASIC manual in PDF format,  utility and game
software in emulator Dsk form plus docs and screen pics;
game solutions; excellent Emulator Guide with download
links for emus and II/IIgs ROMs

Apple II Textfiles- very large collection of Apple II documentation;
lots (and lots!) of basic Apple II information, docs,
game hints/cheats, and more in text files

Apple IIgs Gaming Memory Fairway-  #1 archive of out-of-print
  commercial IIgs games in emulator .2mg and  ShrinkIt form;
includes info blurbs, pics, and hints

Asimov- #1 archive of Apple II 8-bit games and utilities in emulator DSK
and file formats plus game docs, emulators, and emu info,
including the emu.Resources Guide  -Welcome Back Asimov!

Ground Apple2 U. Iowa- the largest Apple II archive and home site of the
Csa2 Apple II FAQs; maintains II/IIgsgames, utilities, educational software,
HC/HS stacks, emulators, emusupport,  fonts, music files, ...; info about
hardware, software, ...,  plus mirrors for several other archives and
major collections including the famous AOL A2 archives

GS WorldView- II/IIgs 'zine featuring news, applications articles, utilities,
games, A2-2000 archive, and links; home site for 1WSW.
Now on the stands  September.2000! issue

Tarnover- large archive of II/IIgs system software; maintains very large
  IIgs games collection; also Programmer's Archive, II games, game hints
  and cracks, emulators and emu support files, music files, Apple II card
  and system pics, and hardware info. Home of the Computist Project.

TFF Enterprises Apple II Archive- large collection of
II/IIgs games and utilities

The Vault- large archive of 8-bit Apple II
games in emulator disk image form

TikTok- very large collection of Apple II games and utilities,
mainly in emulator disk image form

Trenco Archive- II/IIgs utilities and games; HyperCard and Hyperstudio
stacks and utilities; major GNO archive; see File List

Uni-kl.de Apple2 U. Kaiserslautern- II/IIgs games, game icons
collection, utilities, and emulator wares

USA2WUG- Apple II Help & FAQs Collective; Apple II resources including
A2000 issues, Utilities, TrackStar ('hard emulator') support; FAQs mirror

XGS- XGS emu info plus an extensive archive of out-of-print commercial
IIgs software (mainly games) in emulator .2mg form which offers
single-list access with brief comments and file performance info.

Other Important Apple II Sites
A2Central.com- II/IIgs 'zine featuring news, reviews, and more

Adalbert Goertz's Pages- genealogy and natural history; excellent
example of a text-browser-friendly site created via WebWorks/gs

Apple 2 Disk Images- assemblers, compilers, 8-bit ADT for
non-SSC, plus other utilities and info files

Apple Computer A2 Support- mainly GS system software

Apple Computer Tech Info Library- specs and setup info for
many A2 Apple products

Apple I Project- Apple I emulators and information

Apple II Beginner's Guide- information for new Apple II users

Apple II Emulation Page- Apple II emulator software and info

Apple II Ethernet Project- Info and coordination for Ethernet Card
 project; links to other Apple II hardware projects

Apple II Help Page- Info and links; FAQs mirror

Apple II Lessons & Software- BASIC Lessons and A2 software

Apple II Programmer's Catalog of Languages and Toolkits
Apple II programming software information

Apple II Swap and Shop- disk swap site for out-of-print
Apple II/IIgs software

Apple II Web Catalog- sorted links to A2 resources

Apple II WebRing- links for several vendor,
user group, and personal sites

Apple IIgether- Apple IIgs music projects

Apple2 U. Michagan- A2 archive, includes Apple technotes

Apple2.org- Apple II projects; computer and card pics;
hosts old Csa2 FAQs

Arrgh- information and software for several
Apple II emulators

Beagle Bros Online Museum- Beagle Bros history,
product info and classic BB pics

Bret's IIgs Software- II/IIgs software (including Operation
Lambda and other games) by Bret Victor

Clairemont High School Room 110- Apple II student
projects and information

DAR Systems International- creator of Mines of Moria and other
A2 classics; recently released ProLine BBS 3.1; Downloads

Deja- access to newsgroups and communities
Deja power search- seek information in newsgroups
"Apple IIgs, //e, //c, //c+,II+" community- Apple II chats

Delphi- on-line service hosting several Apple II forums
"GBBS/LLUCE BBS" forum- Apple II bbs system
"GSWorldView" forum- Apple II news, info, and chats
 "II Computing" forum- Apple II information & chats
"WAUC" forum- Apple II information & chats

Don Lancaster's The Guru's Lair- info on PIC microprocessor use
 (in BASIC Stamp modules, robots, ...); links; multi-platform

Douglas New Vision Center- developer of IIgs systems
with optional large-text and speech output

Edhel's Apple II Stuff- Apple II programs, pics, and info

Emulation Net- information and software
for several Apple II emulators

Ewen's Home Page- IIgs telecom software and information

Fadden's Junk: Apple II Files- A2 and related utilities
and CD-Recordable FAQs by Andy McFadden

Gareth Jones Page- IIgs Bookstacks, Bookstack software;
Hypercard info  and tutorials by Gareth Jones

HistoricalExhibits- feature Apple II system pics, history, specs
8-bit Museum
Archaic Apple plus Apple.III FAQs
Museum of Dead, Gone, and Obsolete Computers
Obsolete Computer Museum
The Machine Room
Unofficial, Unauthorized, Apple Online Museum
Vintage Computer Festival

Home of the Apple II- Apple II manual reprints, new user
info, links, and  message board; hosts old Csa2 FAQs

Huibert Aalbers Home Page- offers downloads of Huibert's
IIgs programs: Laser Force, SoundSmith, Jigsaw.

IC/Chip info- places to look up IC part numbers, etc.
  Chip Directory
  IC Master

II Computing- USENET Csa2 Apple.II.FAQs html website
and USENET Csa2 Programmer.FAQS in html

Interactive Fiction Archive- Infocom and other games, game solutions,
authoring/interpreter software, hints (multi-platform)

International Apple II BBS List- A2 BBS sites and phone numbers

Jaunt's Software Showcase- Mainly HyperCard wares by Brian Gillespie

Jerry Kindall's Apple II Software- Programs by Jerry Kindall

Jon Relay's Desktop- Programs and snips by Jon Relay

KansasFest Web Page- KansasFest information

KulaSoft- Offers extensive indexes of Apple II publications; sells
Apple II software and books (see Vendors listing)

L.J. Silicon's Treasure Chest- Apple II software by Rudy Guy,
links, Hyper wares, GS Technotes, news, and more

Lane's Apple IIgs Programs- IIgs utilities and games from Lane Roathe

Lost Gonzo BBS- BBS site featuring http and telenet access to many on-line
games plus Apple II/IIgs software (mainly telecom) and information

Marinetti Home Page- Support and Download site for the
IIgs TCP/IP stack

Moro's Emulator Page- II/IIgs emulators, .2MG utils, Sys6.01,
games, and game manuals

Neil Parker's Home Page- Apple IIgs Progamming information

News.answers- faq archives        .
Comp.emulators.apple2-emu faq archive                      .
Comp.sys.apple2- Apple II faq archive                          .
Comp.sys.apple2.gno- GNO faq archive                       .
Comp.sys.apple2.programmer- Programmer faq archive

Ninja Force Downloads- Apple IIgs utilities

Nova Scotia Apple Users Group Page- II/IIgs utilities

Odessa Entertainment- on-line entertainment 'zines

Penguin Software Archive- Penguin/Polarware games and history

Phoenyx's Apple II Applications- utilities and games by Phoenyx

Prophet's Emulator Page- Apple II emulator software and info

Robots Wanted: Dead or Alive- info and pics for old and new
robots; robot projects, repairs, parts, and links

Ron's Apple II and Macintosh Software Page- DSK2FILE
and other wares from Ron Kneusel plus 6502 page

Russell Nielson Website- games and other Apple II software

SheppyWare Downloads- Apple II/IIgs games, utilities,
and  product info

Sierra Circuit Design- information about designing and using 65xxx,
PIC, and other microprocessor cores plus assemblers
you can download and many good links

So What Software- versatile, interesting Apple IIgs programming
software from So What

SonkPage- IIgs utilities by Sönke Behrens; Orca/C 2.1 bug list

Terence J. Boldt's Apple II Page- ProDOS bootable ROM
drive and other A2 hardware projects

The Giant List- major listing of games and authors

Timbolaya's Virtual Apple II Collection- magazine/manual cover
and other Apple II stuff pics

Treasure Chest Project- Apple II software reclassified as
freeware, shareware, or PD; includes some download links

Upgrade the GS Project- Home page for input and discussion
relating to IIgs hardware upgrades

Washington Apple Pi- Apple II and Apple III information

www.6502.org- 6502 microprocessor info and projects

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