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Put Some Mac P.E.P
into Your Apple II Efforts!

PhotoEnhancer Plus Reclassified for Freeware Distribution

by Charles T. 'Doctor Tom' Turley

When it comes time to move Apple II-generated graphics to the net, you want
to have a good graphics untility ready to go on your net computer. For Mac users
one such package is PhotoEnhancer Plus from PictureWorks Technology.

It is a pleasure to announce that, as of 19 October 2000, PhotoEnhancer Plus
is reclassified for freeware distribution!

Here is the agreement email from PWT's Don Strickland with my replies:

At 7:44 PM 10/19/00, Don Strickland wrote:


Jim has asked me to respond to you. I was previously the President and CEO
of PictureWorks Technology and am now the President and COO of iPIX. I am
pleased that you are interested in distributing our discontinued
Photoenhancer product. Please understand that as this product is
discontinued we no longer provide technical support or updates.

Pass along my thanks to Jim and special thanks to you for the reply allowing it's
freeware online distribution.  I'll certainly make it clear that as a
discontinued commercial product - no support will be given for it.

I must say I'm really impressed with the program and the cool special effects it
offers.  I use most all of the high end MacPPC apps like Debabelizer, Photoshop,
etc. and none of them offer the cool special effects that the PhotoEnhancer Plus

On the condition that you make this clear in your channel of freeware
distribution, you have our permission to duplicate the program and make it
freely available.

That I will most certainly do with a text file noting that - along with my
thanks to you for allowing the freeware distribution :))

There is so much software piracy that goes on that it is great to meet
someone that asks permission!!! You have it.

That there is - but, with the length of time I've been involved with computers
(mostly Apple's - and I still am - faithfully) - I've seen it all.  You are right,
the piracy matters have gone completely wild now on the Internet today.


Don Strickland
Internet Pictures Corporation

Thanks again for your premission to distribute PhotoEnhancer Plus - as a
discontinued product freeware - with no support.  I hope your new computer
efforts are rewarding both financially and in all other ways!

Thank You & Best Wishes,

Below are GSWV download links followed by documemtation.





PhotoEnhancer Plus Quick-Docs

Welcome to PhotoEnhancer Plus.  Please read this document for up-to-date
information about your new software.

Changes for 2.1.1 This release corrects an incompatibility on 68K machines with
2.0 and later versions of the Apple Color Sync software, which would cause a
crash during save operations.

Desktop Printing PhotoEnhancer does not currently support the Desktop Printer
functionality from the Finder.  To print using PhotoEnhancer:  launch
PhotoEnhancer, open your image, and choose PrintŠ or SmartPrintŠ from the File
menu.  SmartPrint will give you the option to fine tune the output quality for
your particular printer and paper by letting you preview a set of sample prints
of the image.

Images saved as 256 Colors When using images saved in 256 System or Custom
colors, PhotoEnhancer Plus automatically converts these image to Millons of
Colors (24-bit) as they are opened.  This is done to allow the images to be
edited properly.  When saving these images again, the Color Depth option in the
Save and Save As dialog box will default to Millions of Colors.  Choose a color
depth from the dialog box to save images back to 256 System or Custom colors.

TIFF and JPEG Limitations While you are able to switch these file formats on
screen to any color depth, you may not be able to save these formats in your
selected color depth.  TIFF allows Millions, 256 color, 256 greyscale,16
greyscale and black and white.  JPEG allows Millions of Colors and 256 greyscale.

Using System 7.1 Using System 7.1 software may cause problems with digital
cameras.  These include problems connecting with the camera and distorted or
smeared images retrieved from the camera.  If you experience these problems
please install System Software Update 3.0 for System 7.1 (available from Apple)
or System 7.5 (available from Apple or many retail/mail-order stores such as

Display Performance PhotoEnhancer uses a special disk caching technique to store
images on disk as memory gets low.  This allows you to work with lots of images
and large images at the same time when under normal circumstances they may not
actually fit into memory.  However, this may slow down screen redraws. You can
increase the display performance by increasing the memory allocated to
PhotoEnhancer. To do this, first quit PhotoEnhancer and go to the Finder.  Click
once on the PhotoEnhancer application icon to select it.  Choose Get Info from
the File menu, and type in a higher number for the Preferred Memory size.
Depending on the amount of available RAM you have on your computer, increasing
the memory size of PhotoEnhancer may restrict the number of other applications
you can run at the same time.

Connecting to the Camera Other applications and system extensions you have
installed on your computer may interfere with communication if your camera is
connected to the Modem port.  For example, many fax software extensions acquire
the modem port at startup time and may interfere with your camera.  If you
experience this, be sure that no other applications or system extensions are
using that port.

If you connect the camera to the Printer port, be sure that AppleTalk is turned
off in the Chooser to ensure proper communication.

On a PowerPC Macintosh with System 7.5 you should install System 7.5 Update 1.0,
which fixes some PowerPC serial port problems.

If you experience problems with blurred, smeared, or corrupted camera images try
turning off AppleTalk in the Chooser.  This is a rare problem that occurs on
machines connected to a very busy AppleTalk network.  In such cases AppleTalk
network traffic takes precedence over serial communications and may interfere
with camera operations.

Connecting to the Camera on PowerBook Models When using PowerBook models, such as
the 160 or 180, connect your camera to the Modem port to ensue proper

If your PowerBook has an internal modem and you connect your camera to the
PowerBook's Modem port, be sure that the modem control panel setting for
emulating the Modem port is turned off.