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Trip into Space
  A New EduWare Release for the Apple II

Programmer, Author and Copyright holder: Alan McRae
Author Email: amcrae@mediaone.net
Program Status: Freeware
Distribution: No restrictions

Charles T. 'Dr. Tom' Turley
GS WorldView Editor

Trip into Space is an educational game for teaching grade school level
skills in astronomy and space physics.

The package was mailed to me by the programmer and author, Alan McRae,
for freeware release to Apple II users. It is well made with hires color
animation and options for selecting the correct answers to questions by
multiple choice.

The game runs under DOS 3.3 and takes up two full 5.25" diskette sides,
both of which are bootable. Side 1 has chiefly author and game
educational information. Side 2 will give you a quicker idea of the
scope of the game package.

Trip into Space is available here as ShrinkIt whole-disk archives,
standard .dsk disk image files, and a .zip archive of the two disk images.
(My special thanks to Rubywand for providing the disk image files and
the .zip archive.)

I believe that Trip into Space will prove to be a useful teaching
tool for teachers and parents with access to an Apple II or Apple II

Cheers; Learn and Enjoy!
Email: cturley@grin.net


by Jay Edwards (obsbedia2@aol.com)

I'd highly recommend everyone take this trip across the Cosmos by downloading
the program. Alan did an amazing piece of work in the research and design of
the journey that the disk takes the users on.

I made copies for several classrooms, from first to fifth grade, along with
the worksheet which keeps the students focused on what's being presented.
Frequent questions from the program do that, too!

Trip into Space has been well received at all grade levels. It even saved our
Astronomy Night! (A dozen amateur telescopes, two so large that they had
to be hauled in on trucks, and we had the first cloudy night in over a month.
Sheesh.)  Astronomy has always been an interest of mine, but I ended up
learning quite a few things as well.

There are about two hours worth of material on the two diskette sides. No
fooling. Yet, the way Alan has things organized, you can play the game for
fifteen minutes a day, stop, and pick things up where you left off anytime.
Well done, Alan!

All Alan is asking for in return is for you to write him and tell him what
you think about the program. Give Trip into Space a try; you'll be amazed
when you do.

(Alan, should I tell them about the game that they get to play if they
complete all of the levels of the program?  No, keep it a secret? Let those
who are honestly interested find out on their own as a reward?  Alright, if
that's how you feel.)



by Bob (bobryan9@my-deja.com)

I downloaded it and tried it out for about 15 minutes.  This would be a
hit with grade school students.

There are animations, diagrams, and sound effects.

You start from the space ship launchpad and learn a little about the
escape velocity required to escape earth's gravity, and then continue
to travel away from earth.  The program shows you a view back towards
the earth once in a while, along with a view of the other planets as
you begin to see them.

Between each section there is a 'quiz' that asks you questions about
the information the program just gave to you.

Trip into Space is neat and fun.


Download Here

AST1dsk.bin          Disk image (.dsk file)  Side 1
AST2dsk.bin          Disk image (.dsk file)  Side 2
AST12.zip            Disk images in a single .zip file
AST1sdk.bin          ShrinkIt archive (.sdk file)  Side 1
AST2sdk.bin          ShrinkIt archive (.sdk file)  Side 2
ASTworksheet.JPEG    Worksheet pic