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Jeff Fink’s NEW Apple2 Games
   now available on Ground

Jeff Fink’s new shareware releases; Apple Poker, Asteroid Miner, Demon Ball,
Rice Farmer and his Silvern Castle update to v3.0 are now available for download
from the Ground Apple2 ftp site.

Go download them now, play and enjoy them and pay your shareware fee.



Apple Poker,  Asteroid Miner,
Demon Ball,  Rice Farmer

   Shareware fees: $5 for the entire collection

The programs in this collection consist of short Applesoft applications I have
written over the years.  They include:

  APPLE.POKER (1999)           5-card draw poker against 1-5 computer opponents
  ASTEROID.MINER (1994)   Space-mining stragety game
  DEMON.BALL (1988)           Adaption of Blood Bowl(tm) fantasy football
  RICE.FARMER (1987)          Rice farming simulation
Requirements- These programs will run on any Apple II under ProDOS.

The programs in this collection are shareware.  You may distribute them far and
wide.  You may legally use the programs in this collection for up to 2 weeks;
thereafter to continue using this collection you must send payment of $5 to ...

Jeff Fink
432 Eureka St., Apt. 210
Ripon, WI  54971

Please respect the shareware system.  I'm only asking a single payment for the entire
collection.  Depending on how many honest users support my effects will determine
IF any more programs will be released via shareware (and since this is practically the
ONLY way to distribute Apple II programs nowadays, this may be my LAST).

Jeff Fink


SILVERN CASTLE:  The Lost Crystal Orb

   Shareware fee: $15

Program Author - Jeff Fink
Version 3.0 - December, 1999
Copyright 1999

Silvern Castle is a fantasy role-playing game.
Complete instructions are included.


A fully installed copy of any prior Silvern Castle version is required to update
to V3.0 (see "Update Procedure" section).

In addition, Silvern Castle requires nothing more than any Apple II that can
boot ProDOS.  However, in lieu of a hard drive, 128K memory is recommended with
floppy drive systems to optimize disk access times.  The program is written in
AppleSoft BASIC.  Because of this, Silvern Castle may run sluggishly on a 1mhz
Apple II-see the docs for one way around this; search for text mode).  An
accelerator or Apple IIgs will make Silvern Castle run more than fast enough.

PRODOS version 1.8 or later is required.  BASIC.SYSTEM version 1.5 is also
required.  PRODOS versions before 1.8 have a number of bugs which can destroy
disks among other things.  BASIC.SYSTEM version 1.5 is the latest version and
Silvern Castle uses undocumented entry points in BASIC.SYSTEM 1.5 to overcome a
problem involving the CHAIN command not respecting the LOMEM: value.

Shareware Stuff

This program is shareware.  You may distribute it far and wide.  You may legally
use this program for up to 2 weeks; thereafter to continue using this program
you must send a one-time payment of $15 to ...

Jeff Fink
432 Eureka St., Apt. 210
Ripon, WI  54971

 Everyone who sends in their shareware dues will be sent instructions to unlock
the Maze Maker program to create unlimited random-generated mazes, as well as
directions to unlock the door to Ragon's Lab where the talisman is located (you
cannot win without it).

Please respect the shareware system.  This game, entailing years of programming,
and comprising 3,132 lines of BASIC code, totaling 12,375 statements (including
the utilities needed to create all the data files), represents a vast undertaking on my
part.  Depending on how many honest users support my effects will determine
IF any more programs will be released via shareware (and since this is practically
the ONLY way to distribute Apple II programs nowadays, this may be my LAST).

Jeff Fink

Error Reporting

Should an unexpected bug pop up, Silvern Castle provides error recovery in most
cases.  Just note the two-line error message and contact me at the address
listed above.   If any errors should arise, they are reported in the format:

        Module Name
        Error #X-Y

Where X is the error and Y the line number.  In almost all cases, the program
provides automatic error recovery to a known state.

Update Procedure

A fully installed copy of any prior version of Silvern Castle is required to
prevent inadvertent copying-over of user-specific files when updating to a new
version.  Existing Silvern Castle users may skip down to the "Update Silvern
Castle to V3.0" section.

Installing Silvern Castle V1.0 (new users only)

New users must unpack Silvern Castle V1.0 before unpacking the V3.0 update.
You can find the Silvern Castle V1.0 archives at the Delphi Apple II library,
Trenco Internet FTP site (www.gno.org), Juiced.GS, and elsewhere.
Silvern Castle V1.0 comes in two flavors depending on what type of disk drive
you have:

 SC.HD.SHK        Shrinkit file archive for Hard Drives or 3.5" disks
/SC.525.S1.SHK  Shrinkit disk archive for 5.25" disks, side 1
\SC.525.S2.SHK  Shrinkit disk archive for 5.25" disks, side 2

The only difference between them is that SC.HD.SHK combines all the files found
on SC.525.S1.SHK and SC.525.S2.SHK into one folder.  However, because of disk
space, the maze on the 5.25" disk archive is smaller than the one on SC.HD.SHK.

File Setup

If you unpacked SC.HD.SHK you should have all the files listed below in ONE
folder called SC.  You may rename SC to anything you like.

If you have only 5.25" drives, the Shrinkit 5.25" disk archives creates a disk
with the volume name of SILVERN.CASTLE and a folder called SC on BOTH sides.
You may rename the volume or folder to anything you like, BUT the volume must
have the SAME volume name on BOTH sides AND the folder must have the SAME
folder name on BOTH sides.
The following files are found inside the SC folder (side 1 on 5.25" disks):

SILVERN.CASTLE     >Startup File
QND.HRCG           >Hi-Res Character Generator
FNT.BOLDJW         >Hi-Res Font
CASTLE             >Title Page Graphic
CODE               >ML Code
CODEQ              >ML Code
QLIST              >Datafile
STATUS             >Preferences *
STUFF              >Item/Spell Datafile
ROP                >Hall of Fame *
READ.ME.FIRST      >This info
VAP/SC.DOC         >Docs
VAP/DOGPAW         >Doc Viewer
VAP/DOGPAW.DOCS    >Doc Viewer Docs; Optional-may be deleted
GAME               >If Exists=Saved Game *

The following files are found inside the SC folder (side 2 on 5.25" disks):

MARKET             >Code
SC.CAMP            >Code
SC.MAZE            >Code
SC.COMBAT          >Code
SC.ACTION          >Code
SC.LOOT            >Code
GUILD              >Code
WIN                >Code
STORE              >Quillon's Inventory *
ROSTER             >Character List *
GOODIES            >Datafile
MONS               >Datafile
MAZEB              >Maze Datafile; 21x21 (5.25") or 27x27 (HD)
MAZEB5.25          >Exists only on SC.HD.SHK; contains the smaller
                    5.25" maze; Optional-may be deleted
You should backup the SC folder (both sides on 5.25" disks) to guard against
computer and disk crashes.  * Files marked with an asterisk contain character
data or important stuff that changes during play; these files should be
backed-up often to prevent any possible file corruption from affecting your
party's hard-fought gains.

Update Silvern Castle to V3.0

A fully installed copy of any prior Silvern Castle version is required before
updating.   To update your existing version of Silvern Castle to V3.0 requires
the following file:

SC.UPD.V3.0.SHK Shrinkit file archive

This archive contains an expanded scenario (see "New Stuff in V3.0" section for
details).  However, it will not fit on 5.25" disks; if this means you, do not
copy the MAZEB or GOODIES files in this update!  If you have created a new maze
with the Maze Maker utility, it will be overwritten, so if you wish to keep it
please copy the MAZEB file in your SC folder to another disk before updating.

These files go in your SC folder (side 1 for 5.25" disks):

        VAP/DOGPAW.DOCS Optional-may be deleted

These files go in your SC folder (side 2 for 5.25" disks):

        GOODIES     3.5" or HD only; see warning above
        MAZEB       3.5" or HD only; see warning above

Simply copy all the files into your existing Silvern Castle folder (5.25" disk
users MUST be sure to copy the RIGHT files into the folder on the CORRECT disk
side-you may need additional disk space-see below).

If you are a 5.25" disk user and you run out of disk space after copying the
files in the V3.0 update, you will need to make additional disk space

For 5.25" disk users, follow these steps:
        1) Restore your backup copy of Silvern Castle.
        2) Delete the DOGPAW.DOCS file (if it exists) in the VAP folder inside
                the SC folder on side 1.  You may also want to copy the
                READ.ME.FIRST-this file-to another disk.
        3) If you have a saved game in the maze, disband it at the market.
        4) At the Adventurer's Guild, count how many characters are saved at
                the ROSTER.  If you have more than 16 characters, you will need
                to delete them.
        5) Run the Resize Roster Utility to make a smaller-sized ROSTER.  Start
                with the smallest option, taking into account the number of
                characters you counted from step 4.  You can increase the
                ROSTER storage limit after updating, if there's room.
        6) Install the V3.0 update.  If there is still not enough room on side
                2, repeat the previous steps, this time deleting 2 additional

Depending on which prior version of Silvern Castle you have, it may be necessary
to bring your datafiles up to date after installing the V3.0 update.  Upon
resuming a saved game after installing V3.0, you may get a message indicating
that the saved game is being automatically disbanded (don't worry, this is just
a preliminary step to bringing your datafiles up to date).

After your saved game is automatically disbanded, or if you have no saved game in the
maze, when you attempt to start a new game, you may get a message indicating that
you will need to run the Resize Roster utility to update the ROSTER datafile.   If this
is the case, after you execute the Resize Roster utility-it's operation is
automatic-your copy is now ready to start a new game and to reassemble your old
party at the tavern.  Whew!

Version 3.0 fixes, changes, enhancements

Bugs fixed
>All AC spell docs have been changed to reflect the correct effect of
additional power level's (which is multiplied per additional power level, not additive as
listed previously).
>Fixed a problem with casting/using FEAR spells/devices; it wasn't always affecting
the correct monster group, or it was causing error #53 (I wasn't initializing a variable).
>Some item/maze spelling mistakes corrected (e.g. orge gloves --> ogre gloves;
altairs --> altars).  Thanks Tony Ward, David Pierce.
>Note: If you get an I/O error when starting-up SC and you have at
least 128K of memory, it may mean that the /RAM drive may be damaged.  To fix,
>Wishing wells no longer will "bless" characters below age 15.  Thanks to David
Pierce for catching this.
>Fixed a problem when refusing to give up the orb could have caused an error in
certain cases.

Stuff Changed in V3.0
>Halflings are now hobbits.
>The Time Delay option in the maze only accepts [RET] to exit, not escape.
>Aborting the party slaughtered screen is now without penalty on maze levels 1-2.
>After reading about how many of you find getting
ambushed unenjoyable, I've decided to tone down the number of ambushes by 66%,
but only to those of you who have paid your shareware fees!  (It's automatic
with any prior or future registration.)
>I've also made charged PROTECT devices
and spells a little more powerful.  Casting or using any charged PROTECT device
(in CAMP) will now, in addition to its AC effects, also lower ambushes by 10%
per power level over base level (only those devices with a "+", so PROTECT+1
reduces ambushes by 10%, PROTECT+2 by 20%, etc).  By the way, regardless of any
charged PROTECT devices and/or shareware payment bonuses, light and encumbrance
penalties still apply.
>Chest routines revamped.  Chest hardness per level and
character ability per chest hardness should be more consistent.   Be careful!
>Score displayed when you win has been changed.
>You only need to defeat Drachma once!

New Stuff in V3.0
Drachma has learned his lesson and has revamped his fortifications to make his
lab more secure.  To facilitate this renovation, a few special items (crystal
orb, skeleton key, Li P-crystal) in circulation are removed and restocked in
the maze upon updating, forcing you to defeat Drachma again if you have already
done so (previous scores are now invalid).  All will be explained as you quest to
retrieve the Crystal Orb from Drachma.

When I released V1.0, it was my opinion that it would take at least 6-9 months
for anyone to finish; but some of you have did it in barely 2 months!  Part of
the reason some of you finished so fast (I think) is because the current maze
was created totally by the Maze Maker utility; the new scenario included in
this update includes portions of my own fiendish design.

The files MAZEB and GOODIES contains the expanded scenario and will not fit on
5.25" disks, so if this means you: sorry, you will need at least a 3.5" disk or
hard drive.  Please note: The Maze Maker utility will only create a maze based
on the earlier scenario.

BTW, the expanded scenario only adds new areas, any maps you have made of
previous levels will still be viable (with the exception of a couple of
renovated patches near Drachma's lab).

>The down-arrow key now works in the maze!  Pressing the down-arrow will only
change your direction (turn-about), not your position.  I've added this in
response to Ken Gagne's review of Silvern in Juiced.GS (Oct 1998, pg 19).

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