GS WorldView: February MM
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Mystery Solved!
Chatsworth Card Identified
   by Steve (Stingray)

It is not a pc floppy card, or any other kind of floppy interface for
that matter. Michael Crane was correct when he said that looks to be
some kind of controller, however it's not for a tape drive as he
theorized (good guess though, Michael!).

I went back to the place where I got the //e that had the card inside
and started digging through boxes. I found a Chatsworth Data card
reader. Further digging uncovered the software, and a small package
of genuine chatsworth data cards (copyright 1984). These are the cards
that schools use for tests that the computer "grades".


So, would anyone like to add a complete Chatsworth Data card reader to
their A2 collection? Lord knows my wife thought I was insane for
bringing it home!