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Glen Bredon's Software Placed in Public Domain!
by Charles T. "Doctor Tom" Turley
 GS WorldView Editor

I have spent a very pleasant and wonderful day with Anne Bredon at her home
this Sunday (August 13, 2000). We both went through everything of Glen's
programming efforts-- all of his Apple II platform and Machintosh platform
programs-- as well as Glen's entire photo digitized graphic CD collection.

Anne has given me all of his master disks with their source codes and backups
along with his hard drive, his Mac G3 and all of his photo digitized graphic CD's
to sort, verify, archive, and upload for public access and unrestricted use.
This is my announcement to inform the public that all of Glen's software has been
released into the public domain by Anne Bredon at me request.

Anne Bredon's official email to me announcing the release of it all into the public
domain is included below with full headers:

Date:  Sunday, August 13, 2000 6:29:59 PM
From:  bredon@sierratel.com
Subj:  Release of all of Glen Bredon's graphics and Apple programs to public
To:  cturley@grin.net
cc:  cturley2@aol.com

I, Anne Bredon, heir to Glen E. Bredon, hereby release all of Glen E. Bredon¹s
Apple software, source codes and graphics into the public domain at the request
of Charles T. Turley.

I also have a hand written letter to this effect from Anne Bredon.

With respect to the Apple II platform programs: there is a very large number
with many versions and the source codes for each. This will require media content
and file verification followed by archiving and uploading to online sites for public

This collection consists of a massive number of disks, media storage devices and
CD's.  Attempting to do this myself - will take a long time - with many weeks
of work involved.  If there is anybody willing and able to help me with this
project who lives in the San Fransicso bay area and who can come to my home to
assist please contact me by email, as promptly as possible.

Email: cturley@grin.net