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  Destination Mars is from Compu-Teach.
  Runs on a 128k Apple //e, IIc+, or IIGS with 3.5" 800k drive.

by The Doc - 2004

Space exploration is now in the hands of private companies.  Young cadets like yourself
are cutting their teeth on Low Orbit missions.  You've joined the NSA in its race against
other space agencies to establish a base on Mars.

You must start with Low Earth Orbit missions.  These include EVAs, remote manipulations,
emergencies, and many other challenging tasks.  With 60% performance or better, you move
up the ranks from Specialist to Pilot and Commander.  After three successful Low Orbit
flights, you will begin flying to the Space Station.


Space Station missions involve a shuttleflight, docking maneuvers, cargo deliveries, and
important scientific experiments.  Three successful Space Station missions will earn you a
spot on the first Mars mission!

The Mars flight begins with a Shuttle flight to the Space Station. It introduces new launch
tasks, experiments, and emergencies. Finally, there is Mars orbit entry, docking, and
descent to the Martian surface.


On your first trip, you set up a simple base, perform field experiments, and work to survive
emergencies.  On later Mars trips, you assemble your own vehicle and tackle a variety of
challenging Mars Base tasks. Your final Mars flight will be as Director of the Mars Base.
Besides natural obsticles, you will need to compete with one of the other space agencies
for ultimate control of Mars.



After a great deal of trial & error, I managed to convert the original 5.25"
five-disk (ten sides) set into a perfectly workable two-disk set on 3.5" diskettes
plus a 3.5" Docs Disk.

You can download the game disks, Docs Disk, and Docs (in a file) below.


The Doc - 2004

Download Game Disk 1

Download Game Disk 2

Download Game Docs File

Download Game Docs Disk