Euro-Apple Modifications

V. Sullivan

Test Phase 1

You are now ready to test your first phase of modifications.You will need a power supply of at least.

If you use peripherals with your Apple you will need a larger power supply such as that shown in Appendix 2. The power supply connector should be unsoldered and wires connected in its place. A diagram of the connector is shown in Fig 3. The connections to the +5V and +12V and Ground should be quite heavy (#16). The -5V and - 12V can be #18.


Power Connector Diagram

Figure 3 @8k

You will also need a keyboard, a video monitor or a TV set with a modulator and a small loudspeaker.

Video Monitor

A standard NTSC (North American) colour or B+W video monitor should be connected to the RCA phone plug at the right rear corner of the board.


An ASCII keyboard must be connected to the socket at A-7. The cable to plug in to this socket is supplied in your kit of parts. The color Black 1 is on one outside edge of the cable. The color Green 2 is on the other outside edge. The other colors are 1 or 2 depending on which edge they are closest to. The chart on the next page shows how to connect your keyboard. For those who have the small Microswitch keyboard the connections for the other end of the cable are also shown.