Euro-Apple Modifications

V. Sullivan

Powering Up

It is now time to throw the switch. If everything is OK the speaker will beep and the screen will say "APPLE ][" at the top. You are in Applesoft basic and can start programming if you want. If the machine does not power up like this, or you smell smoke, turn it off and check over your work and ensure all of the power supply voltages are correct and the other connections are proper. If you have an unsolvable problem then give me a call. Your Apple is now functional but not fully modified. I suggest that you use it for a few days both to make sure that it will keep working and also for you to gain some experience with it which may help you with it later. Some of the additional mods are optional, and I suggest that you read the reason for a mod before you proceed with it. If in doubt, ask me for further clarification. While you have the machine up and running you should connect a frequency counter to B14-3 and adjust the crystal trimmer capacitor for a reading of 3.579545 MHz. If you have no counter do not worry, an alternate procedure is given later.