Euro-Apple Modifications

V. Sullivan

Keyboard Connection Table


On the Microswitch keyboard edge connector pin number 12 is the keying-slot and pin 15 is not used. When wired by these instructions the "Break" key in the upper right hand corner of the keyboard is the reset switch for the computer. If you are using a keyboard other than the Microswitch the reset line must be grounded momentarily to reset the computer. The strobe may be of either polarity, but it must have a rising edge while the output from the keyboard is valid. When plugging the keyboard connector cable into the socket at A6 make sure that the pin 1 indication on the blue connector lines up with the pin 1 indication on the board.

Speaker Connection

The two leads from a small 8 Ohm speaker should be connected to the speaker plug located in the lower right corner of the board near the crystal