3) Realtime REC/PLAY

At first glance this menu might appear somewhat complex but once You get familiar with it you will be sampling sounds with ease.

Basically you can select the MODE you wish to sample with by entering a number between 2 and 7. Each MODE has associated with it one or more key- Pairs. Each key-pair represents a 'slice' of sample memory.

MODE 2 divides the first half of sample memory into six equal parts and the second half of sample memory into two equal parts. This MODE is ideal for sampling percussion sounds. The short slices can be used for the drum sounds which are characteristically short in duration and the two longer slices can be used for cymbal samples which have a greater duration

MODE 3 divides sample memory into eight equal parts.
MODE 4 divides sample memory into six equal parts,
MODE 5 divides sample memory into four equal parts.
MODE 6 divides sample memory into two equal parts.
MODE 7 allows all of the sample memory to be used for a single sample.

The ranges for the selections 8,9,Q,and W are:
8 VOLUME O-15 ( O=quiet, 15=loud )
9 REC RATE 1-255 ( 1=fast, 255=slow )
Q PITCH 1-100 ~ 1=low, 100=high )
W TRIG LEV 0-128 ( 1=sensitive start sample threshold 128=less sensitive start sample threshold O=instant triggering of sample)
E Allows you to hear the sample quality before recording.

This option lets the sample pass from the ADC to the DAC and out the audio output. This lets you hear the quality of the sample at the rate set with the 9 selection.

To record into a particular slice first pick the MODE you wish to use for the soundbase, then enable the record feature by toggling the - key ( the selected toggle will be highlighted ). Pressing the left member of the key-pair starts to record a sample into that particular slice. You can playback the slice's sample by pressing the right hand member of the key pair while in REC. During PLAY either member of a key-pair Plays back the sample.

The left and right arrow keys enable reverse play back only during PLAY.