Again this is a demonstration oriented option, but this time the use of the AUTOSEQUENCER is brought into play. You can select one of the several different rhythms and play it with your sample. If you have the default drum sounds soundbase loaded then this section will make a lot of audible sense. If, however You have one of Your own soundbase creations loaded then the results are anybody s guess and probably a few peoples idea of real music.

The ranges for the VOLUME, MODE, TEMPO, and PITCH are:

2 VOLUME 0-15 ( O=quiet, 15=loud )

3 MODE 2-7 ( 2=eight sounds, 7=one sound )

4 TEMPO 0-15 ( O=fast, 15=slow )

5 PITCH 1-100 ( 1=low, 100=high )

The RIGHT and LEFT arrow kens change the direction the sound will be played.

Go ahead, have some fun.