The AUTOSEQUENCE option allows you to program the play back of your samples for slice, pitch, volume and direction.

You programming capabilities are determines by the 5 groups available through the 2 SEL/LIST GROUP selection. Groups 1 to 4 are identical, each of these groups consists of 8 lines of code played sequentially line 1 to line 8. GROUP 5 enables you to sequence groups 1 to 4.

Let's look at the format of the first four groups. You are presented with 8 lines with five variables in each line.

The abbreviations are:


The format of the line is:

Sound Note Duration Direction Volume

Remember, the MODE you are using determines how many sounds are available for your use.

For GROUP 5 you are given 16 lines, each with two variables. The format for a line of GROUP 5 is:

GROUP ( 1 to 4 ) COUNT where COUNT is the number of times you wish the specified group to be played between 1 and 254.

Please note: Not all lines need contain information. Any line not containing group or count info should contain an "R ". This stands for repeat and directs the sequence to start from line 1 again.

"Q" exits from the line editor at any time.

Pressing A, S. D, OR F plays GROUP 1, 2, 3, or 4 respectively.

The key to this sequencer is experimentation. Good luck.