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MP3 Music and the Apple //gs

// HUH??? is this actually possible to play downloaded MP3 music files from an
Apple IIgs?  YES, it is possible, using my file conversion method and the IIgs
application program: OverSampler.

Well, you do need either a Mac or a PC to do the MP3 file conversions. So, if
you have either to use - put them to work for your Apple IIgs needs!

Here's the first port of an MP3 music file I made for use with the IIgs and
OverSampler which you can download from the following ftp site URL.

Question: Does anybody know of a program on the Mac platform that will allow you
too edit MP3 files before doing such a conversion for playing on the Apple IIgs?

Answer: You might check Do a search (at the bottom of
the page) for "MP3". Also, I guess it depends on what kind of editing you want
to do.  You can use a program such as SoundApp to convert an mp3 into another
format such as AIFF or SDII and then edit it in just about any audio editor.
Then you can do something like a Bias Peak, etc. to all sorts of things to your

Find out all about how it's done and how you can play any MP3 music file you can
download on your Apple IIgs (and in Stereo too) with even limited RAM using the
MP3 file conversion method that I'm writing an article about to present in the
Nov99 Issue of GS WorldView.

Until then *** Cheers, All Apple //'s Forever & Happy Halloween,

Charles T. 'Dr. Tom' Turley
Contributing Editor - GS WorldView

PS: Below is an email - I receive on a regular basis to inform me of all the
latest stuff on the Net concerning MP3 music. I wanted to share it with all of
the GS WorldView readers. So, here's some great links for you if you want to
download MP3 files to have them ready and waiting for your listening needs with
your IIgs - after you read my article in the next issue of GS WorldView.




Subject: new music on

Happy Halloween,

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// Song Picks From the Lab: Hot New MP3s

Our lab keeper has been tracking your download behavior and recommends the
following tunes to electrify your neck bolts:

Atol by Jeremy Neongod (Trance)

Lullaby by Alexandra Scott (Alternative General)

My Fathers Son. by James L. Grant (Soft Rock)

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// Terror Techno - Goblin Gabber - Haunted House By Mateo Segadean

Here's a bloodthirsty gaggle of musicians just dying for you to hear their
monster music! Hear something scary? It just may be "Voices Inside Your Head" by
Tom Aragon, a creepy ambient number that'll have you shaking spiders out of your

If ambient doesn't make your mummy moan, check out Gigas' "The Eight Devils of
Kimon," a splendidly sinister techno tune.

Ah, but I sense you're looking for something...terrifying. Dare to hear
something that simply should not ever be downloaded when all alone in a dark
house at night? Many have heard Encomiast's "Without Fear of Wind or Vertigo,"
however, few have survived. Bwa hah hah!

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// Scares Up an Exclusive TLC Webcast

TLC recently played their first live show in more than five years at the
world-famous Budokan Theatre in Tokyo. If you missed it, not to
and are bringing it to the web from Oct. 27 through Dec. 5. This
exclusive webcast will have you bewitched by such hits as "Waterfalls," "No
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// New i-drive Feature: Your Virtual Crypt

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// Don't Feed the WareWolf: He Bytes!

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// Chill to the Spooky NPR Radio Tales Series

"Frankenstein," "The Mummy" and "Dracula's Guest" are as creepy today as they
were in the 19th century. Sample these and other goosepimply NPR audio dramas

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// Regional Calendars: We're Down With Your Local Haunts

Our new regional calendars let you find out which artists are playing
live in your town--from Frankfurt, Germany to Albuquerque, New Mexico. So many
gigs, so little time.

// Search Engine Possessed by the Devil!

The haunted search engine sends a message from the netherworld (ranked
by number of songs available per monster): Devil: 50 Witch: 30 (Blair Witch: 4)
Vampire: 25 Frankenstein: 8 Mummy: 3

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