The "Go-anywhere" Digital Camera

for use with your Apple IIgs

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Call 1- 800-926-3066 or 1- 612-941-1905


  • Colour: Full colour images Image size: 320 x 240

  • Untethered mode: Save up to 6 pictures with override feature

  • Tethered mode: Continuous image capture every 5 seconds

  • Power: 9 volt alkaline battery with a screw-on cover (so kids won't inadvertantly lose the cover to the battery compartment.

  • Cable: Serial cable included - IIgs converter adapter required and not included
  • Image formats: BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, Targa, FlashPix, Paintbrush - can be saved from the camera via serial connector converter cable and converted to IIgs standard graphic formats using such programs as; JpeGS, Convert 3200, SuperConvert v4.0 and also ImageQuant or several other IIgs graphic format conversion utility programs.

The JamC@m is the
perfect starter digital camera
for your own Apple IIgs
image transfers and
conversions to other IIgs standard graphic formats.
System Requirements for using
Image transfers only!
  • Apple IIgs ROM 01 or ROM 03
  • GS/OS v6.01 operating system
  • 4MB RAM or more...
  • Active 9-pin serial port to IIgs serial adapter/converter connector cable
  • Suggested - but, not required: 20MB or more of available hard drive space to store images.'s only $79.99.
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