Biography of Aaron Slater

I am currently working on a Macintosh Emulator for the PC, named eMac. This will
be a FREE Mac emulator that can run FINALLY emulate a Power Macintosh! I am the
Lead Graphics Artist for the project! Visit the page:

The Woz Interview by Aaron Slater In a CarlsonTV Special Event, I interviewed
Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak. This was a very enlightening interview where I
learned a lot.

Contact Information

Address: 15777 Oceana Ave.
Allen Park, Michigan 48101-1941
United States
Home Phone: 313-382-1568

Career Information

Employer: Target Stores, Inc.
Occupation: Guest Relations



Current Certifications


 Name                             Date           Authority

Windows 98 Administrator 1999-11-06 Tekmetrics Tekmetrics Computer Technician 1999-11-06 Tekmetrics Master Macintosh Power User 1999-12-09 Tekmetrics  
I am 18 years old and reside in Michigan, where I own 6 Computers (Mac PowerBook
DUO 230 & Dock, Pentium 100 machine, Compaq 5401, Compaq 286 Laptop, Mac Plus,
Amiga 2000)

I am a senior at Allen Park High School and take a 3-hour vocational course
(Video Production) at Carlson High School in Gibraltar, MI.

I hope to go to college and major in video production and get a job behind the
scenes in the TV industry. My other classes at APHS Include Autos III (possible
minor?) Psychology, American Government, and Media Center Aide in the morning.

My grades, I'll admit are not the best, but I am hoping to pull them up and
graduate in 2000. I work at Target #T280 in Taylor, MI.