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Play Silvern Castle!

SILVERN CASTLE: The Lost Crystal Orb
Program Author - Jeff Fink
Version 2.1 - September, 1999 Copyright 1999 Shareware fees: $15
Jeff Fink 432 Eureka St., Apt. 210 Ripon, WI 54971

from Jeff Fink

Shareware Stuff This program is shareware. You may distribute it far and wide.
You may legally use this program for up to 2 weeks; thereafter to continue using
this program you must send a one-time payment of $15. Everyone who sends in
their shareware dues will be sent instructions to unlock the Maze Maker program
to create unlimited random-generated mazes, as well as directions to unlock the
door to Ragon's Lab where the talisman is located (you cannot win without it).

Please respect the shareware system. This game, entailing years of programming
and comprising over 3200 lines of BASIC code, totaling nearly 12,500 statements
(including the utilities needed to create all the data files), represents a vast
undertaking on my part. Depending on how many honest users support my effects
will determine IF any more programs will be released via shareware (and since
this is practically the ONLY way to distribute Apple II programs nowadays, this
may be my LAST).

What is it? Silvern Castle is a fantasy role-playing game. Complete
instructions are included.

Requirements A fully installed copy of any prior Silvern Castle version is
required to update to V2.1 (see "Update Procedure" section).

In addition, Silvern Castle requires nothing more than any Apple II that can
boot ProDOS. However, in lieu of a hard drive, 128K memory is recommended with
floppy drive systems to optimize disk access times. The program is written in
AppleSoft BASIC. Because of this, Silvern Castle may run sluggishly on a 1mhz
Apple II-see the docs for one way around this; search for text mode). An
accelerator or Apple IIgs will make Silvern Castle run more than fast enough.

PRODOS version 1.8 or later is required. BASIC.SYSTEM version 1.5 is also
required. PRODOS versions before 1.8 have a number of bugs which can destroy
disks among other things. BASIC.SYSTEM version 1.5 is the latest version and
Silvern Castle uses undocumented entry points in BASIC.SYSTEM 1.5 to overcome a
problem involving the CHAIN command not respecting the LOMEM: value.

Error Reporting Should an unexpected bug pop up, Silvern Castle provides error
recovery in most cases. Just note the two-line error message and contact me at
the address listed above. If any errors should arise, they are reported in the

Module Name Error #X-Y

Where X is the error and Y the line number. In almost all cases, the program
provides automatic error recovery to a known state.

Update Procedure A fully installed copy of any prior version of Silvern Castle
is required to prevent inadvertent copying-over of user-specific files when
updating to a new version. Existing Silvern Castle users may skip down to the
"Update Silvern Castle to V2.1" section.

Installing Silvern Castle V1.0 (new users only) New users must unpack Silvern
Castle V1.0 before unpacking the V2.1 update. You can find the Silvern Castle
V1.0 archives at the Delphi Apple II library, Trenco Internet FTP site,
Juiced.GS, and elsewhere. Silvern Castle V1.0 comes in two flavors depending on
what type of disk drive you have:

SC.HD.SHK Shrinkit file archive for Hard Drives or 3.5" disks
/SC.525.S1.SHK Shrinkit disk archive for 5.25" disks, side 1
\SC.525.S2.SHK Shrinkit disk archive for 5.25" disks, side 2

The only difference between them is that SC.HD.SHK combines all the files found
on SC.525.S1.SHK and SC.525.S2.SHK into one folder. However, because of disk
space, the maze on the 5.25" disk archive is smaller than the one on SC.HD.SHK.

File Setup If you unpacked SC.HD.SHK you should have all the files listed below
in ONE folder called SC. You may rename SC to anything you like.

If you have only 5.25" drives, the Shrinkit 5.25" disk archives creates a disk
with the volume name of SILVERN.CASTLE and a folder called SC on BOTH sides.
You may rename the volume or folder to anything you like, BUT the volume must
have the SAME volume name on BOTH sides AND the folder must have the SAME folder
name on BOTH sides.

The following files are found inside the SC folder (side 1 on 5.25" disks):

SILVERN.CASTLE >Startup File QND.HRCG >Hi-Res Character Generator
FNT.BOLDJW >Hi-Res Font CASTLE >Title Page Graphic CODE >ML Code
CODEQ >ML Code QLIST >Datafile STATUS >Preferences *
STUFF >Item/Spell Datafile ROP >Hall of Fame * READ.ME.FIRST -This File-
Viewer Docs; Optional-may be deleted VAP/RESIZE.ROSTER >Code
VAP/MAZE.MAKER >Code GAME >If Exists=Saved Game *

The following files are found inside the SC folder (side 2 on 5.25" disks):

STORE >Quillon's Inventory * ROSTER >Character List * GOODIES >Datafile
MONS >Datafile MAZEB >Maze Datafile; 21x21 (5.25") or
27x27 (HD, 3.5") MAZEB5.25 >Exists only on SC.HD.SHK; contains the smaller
5.25" maze; Optional-may be deleted

You should backup the SC folder (both sides on 5.25" disks) to guard against
computer and disk crashes. * Files marked with an asterisk contain character
data or important stuff that changes during play; these files should be
backed-up often to prevent any possible file corruption from affecting your
party's hard-fought gains.

Update Silvern Castle to V2.1 A fully installed copy of any prior Silvern Castle
version is required before updating. To update your existing version of
Silvern Castle to V2.1 requires the following file:

SC.UPD.V2.1.SHK Shrinkit file archive

These files go in your SC folder (side 1 for 5.25" disks):


These files go in your SC folder (side 2 for 5.25" disks):


Simply copy all the files into your existing Silvern Castle folder (5.25" disk
users MUST be sure to copy the RIGHT files into the folder on the CORRECT disk
side-you may need additional disk space-see below).

If you are a 5.25" disk user and you run out of disk space after copying the
files in the V2.1 update, you will need to make additional disk space available.
For 5.25" disk users, follow these steps:

1) Restore your backup copy of Silvern Castle. 2) Delete the DOGPAW.DOCS file
(if it exists) in the VAP folder inside the SC folder on side 1. 3) If you have
a saved game in the maze, disband it at the market. 4) At the Adventurer's
Guild, count how many characters are saved at the ROSTER. If you have more than
16 characters, you will need to delete them. 5) Run the Resize Roster Utility to
make a smaller-sized ROSTER. Start with the smallest option, taking into
account the number of characters you counted from step 4. You can increase the
ROSTER storage limit after updating, if there's room. 6) If there are at least 3
blocks free on side 2, continue with step 7, otherwise go-back to step 4 and
delete 2 characters at a time until you have the necessary free blocks. 7)
Install the V2.1 update.

Depending on which prior version of Silvern Castle you have, it may be necessary
to bring your datafiles up to date after installing the V2.1update. Upon
resuming a saved game after installing V2.1, you may get a message indicating
that the saved game is being automatically disbanded (don't worry, this is just
a preliminary step to bringing your datafiles up to date). After your saved
game is automatically disbanded, or if you have no saved game in the maze, when
you attempt to start a new game, you may get a message indicating that you will
need to run the Resize Roster utility to update the ROSTER datafile. If this
is the case, after you execute the Resize Roster utility-it's operation is
automatic-your copy is now ready to start a new game and to reassemble your old
party at the tavern. Whew!

Version 2.1 Bugs fixed: >Teleport spell docs corrected to reflect that it's also
usable by Mages & Clerics (not just Wizards & Druids). Thanks to Tony Ward for
pointing this out. >The dragon scale item's stats are now set correctly. >Dragon
lairs are now MUCH rarer (V2.0 didn't make them uncommon enough). >Attempting to
use the combat equip option when a character is already equipped with a cursed
weapon now works correctly. >The ring/ESP now takes advantage of any power
levels (+). >Fixed bug that in rare chances whouldn't let certain characters
sell their items at the Trading Post if they had at least one broke or cursed
item. In addition, Quillon will no longer prevent characters from getting to
the sell an item display even if they have no items (although once there you can
only exit or pool).

Stuff Changed in V2.1: >The character's money display now lines up its decimal
point with Quillon's price lists. > The Protect spell can now be cast at camp.
See the Tomb of Knowledge for more info. Thanks to Tony Ward for suggesting this
idea! >The maze status box now lists the amount of Pro[tection] in effect (see
above-Protect spell). >The Trading Post sell an item option is now MUCH faster
when dealing with enchanted items (those items with a +). I'm now using a
faster search algorithm instead of the slower linear search I had been using
(worst case to find a match in a list of 1000 items can now be done in 10 reads
or less, compared to 1000 reads for the old linear technique). In addition, the
buy an item option should now show a slight increase in performance (especially
for floppy drive users perusing the enchanted item selections). >The I)d item
camp function now turns into an I)nfo function when a Druid or Cleric tries to
I)d an already identified item. If successful, a one-line display shows the
item's properties- however, the Druid I)nfo command is vastly more powerful. >A
few magical devices have been renamed to more accurately reflect the item's
function (although no item's function has been changed). In addition, a few
armour types have also been renamed. Because of these changes and a more
optimized encoding routine I have been able to save 158 bytes of variable memory
(if this doesn't sound like much, it amounts to a 16% increase in free memory
space-remember this is Applesoft!). The additional space allows for future
expansion-any suggestions?

Version 2.0 Bugs fixed: >In case of errors that may occur before the hi-res
character generator is loaded, the screen is now cleared at initialization.
>Aborting party slaughter now clears the screen correctly (only a problem with
5.25" disks). >Previously, upon finding a new chest after leaving 10 unopened
chests on the same level would give an error (but not fatal). >The chest loot
amount is now held in a real array-before an integer array was used which could
crash if the chest held more than the equivalent of 32,768gp. >The bomb chest
trap now works correctly (actually blowing up the contents like the TNT and
grenade chest traps do). >If you are drained below the minimum level required to
cast spells your spell book or holy symbol is now erased correctly. >If you have
the crystal orb, but get killed off before you can get to the castle market, the
crystal orb will now disappear (otherwise it may slip past the castle guards-in
which event, you could not claim your award!). >Monster spoils cached will no
longer be erased if you later cache lair spoils at the same place. >When getting
monster spoils, if any enchanted weapons or armour were found, only the first
item taken would be enchanted, the rest would be normal-this has now been fixed.
>The Air spell now takes advantage of any charges cast. >If something forces the
party to leave an area with cached items before the cache items can be
picked-up, the CACHE message is now erased correctly. >Teleporting into a room
that contains a lair now works correctly. >The amount of Air spell points is now
reset correctly when leaving the castle market. >Previously, using a device that
mimicked the cleric identify item ability would give the character who used the
device a natural identify item ability temporarily afterwards.

New Stuff Added in V2.0: >Copper (cp) and silver (sp) coins added. Camp
displays the amount of each coin type with a summed total, usually in gp; at the
castle market your money is usually shown in gp, with sp & cp listed as a
decimal. At the castle market, services and items may be listed in either cp,
sp, or gp. See the Tome of Knowledge for more info. >Encumbrance (ENC) added.
This only applies to coins. Your ENC is displayed in camp and indicates how
many additional coins you can carry (when displayed in inversed type it
indicates how many coins you must remove to eliminate any ENC penalties. If any
character is encumbered, the party is penalized by the highest over-burdened
character; in such a case the message "ENC X#" is shown when you are in the
maze. The # equals the penalty as a multiplier to movement and light usage, as
well as increasing the monster ambush chance. See the Tome of Knowledge for
more info. >The Inn now has deluxe rooms at 4gp/visit (2hp healed/visit). In
addition, the economy rooms now go for 5sp/visit (1hp healed/visit). The suites
remain unchanged. >New spell: Deep Pockets! Adds 8,000cn per charge, per
person. See the Tome of Knowledge for more info.

Stuff Changed in V2.0: >You can no longer surprise the opposition unless there
is normal or magical light (infravision no longer cuts it). >Spell points are
now SPP. >Amount of Air spell points in effect is now always shown. >Values that
were displayed in millions or billions are now shown M or B, respectively. >The
Trading Post now shows all the character's items with prices when the sell,
identify, or uncurse option is selected. However, services which are invalid
for certain items are illegal (they have shown as 0gp)-such as selling equipped
items or identifying already identified items, for example. >The Trading Post
now allows equipped unknown items to be identified. >The P)ool option now pools
all coin types. Pressing open-apple when selecting "P" (camp only) will divvy
each coin type equally to each party member-the first character with the highest
ENC is given any remainder or excess above the party's max ENC. >The T)rade
option no longer asks to trade gold, however it will trade coins when you press
the open-apple key as you select the person to trade to. >The D)ivvy option
works differently: A money changer at the Tavern now pools all your party's
coins, exchanges the sp & cp for gp (pocketing any remainder), and then splits
the pooled gp evenly to each character. The money changer's fee is 1gp or any
remainder, whichever is greater. >The camp status screen has been totally redone
to fit all the new changes. >The D)rop option can now drop coins by pressing
open-apple as you press "D". Dropped coins may be recovered with the P)ickup
cache stuff option. >The maximum number of items you can now cache is 13 (3
positions are now used for gp, sp, & cp coins). >The list spells option now also
displays "<ESC>-exit". >When getting money (loot), the sum of the total hoard
and per share total is displayed in gp. The amount of each coin type per share
is also now shown. You are now asked if you want to take each coin type amount
per share, or cache the entire coin type sum. >The SC.LOOT is no longer loaded
into the /RAM drive. This allows for present and future expansion of both
SC.LOOT and SC.CAMP to 13,312 bytes (previously the limits were 6,144 bytes and
12,288 bytes, respectively). >The Aquatic spell is now renamed as Air. >The mage
shield is now renamed as mage's shield. >Dragon lairs are MUCH more dangerous
and wealthier-but now much more scarce. >When accessing the Tome of Knowledge
extra's option, the Dogpaw doc viewer info box is now displayed.

Version 1.0 First release.

Known Problems >Maze Maker module sometimes crashes. Solution: Re-run until it

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