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                     IIgs Music

System Requirements:
Apple IIgs ROM 1 or Rom 3
GS/OS System 6.0 or better
1.25MB or RAM (or enough to boot GS/OS)
A fast hard disk drive with 6MB or more of free space
Recommended: good external speakers or stereo system (plugged into the built in
GS headphone jack).

Streamsound Demo:

The purpose of this demonstration is to show that the Apple IIgs can play the
long sounds commonly found on the web if people are willing to write players to
crack the format. Here is a 5.7MB song ("Superstar" from Carpenters, a classic
favorite) bundled with the Oversampler freeware player. The sound has been
converted to the binary format standard for IIgs raw sounds and will open using
Oversampler with the correct playback rate. Set oversampling to 2X for the best
effect. The quality of the sound is surprisingly good when routed through
external speakers. It sounds more like FM radio than an Apple II computer.

Oversampler is a streaming player, which means that it plays as it reads the
sample from disk. This is how the Macintosh, PC, and other computers are able
to play long sounds without running out of memory. As long as you have enough
memory to boot GS/OS (~1.25MB, maybe 1.5MB) and you have a reasonably fast hard
disk drive, you can play sounds megabytes in size.

The streaming playback technique also demonstrates a possible method for
digitizing large sounds without also having large amounts of RAM. All current
IIgs software digitizes sounds to RAM. The length of the sound that can be
recorded is limited by the amount of memory that you have installed. If someone
implements a streaming digitizing program, then the IIgs can digitize samples
directly to disk (and the length would be limited only by the largest file that
can be created on that disk). With a removable cartridge drive, you will be
able to create your own alblums.

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