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The Wow Thing

The Perfect 3D Sound for the Apple IIgs

And, it only cost $29.00


What is the WOW Thing?

The WOW Thing is an audio enhancement processor based on patented technology. WOW from SRS Labs is the next generation of 3D audio technology. WOW™ provides the ultimate listening experience from any two speakers regardless of their size, by creating an image that extends beyond the speakers themselves. Turn on WOW™ and your speakers instantly become dramatically taller and wider.

The WOW™ Thing also includes TruBass, another patented technology from SRS Labs, Inc. Based on psychoaccoustics, TruBass was designed to accurately reproduce the bass tones from a stereo recording and create the perception of deep and rich bass tones even if the speakers themselves can not physically reproduce them.

For more information about the WOW™ and TruBass™ technologies, please visit the SRS Labs website at:

Can I use the WOW Thing with my TV, stereo or video games or headphones?

Yes. You can experience the WOW Thing with any stereo source such as TV, VCR, CD,or Video Game console. Detailed installation instructions can be found in the WOW Thing Users Manual. You can also connect any pair of mini-headphones into the WOW Thing headphone jack for a personal WOW experience.

What is the warranty for the WOW Thing?

SRS Labs, Inc. warrants this product will be free from defects and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of sale to the original consumer purchaser.

What are the technical specifications for the WOW Thing?


3 stereo mini jacks

1 line input, 1 line output, 1 headphone output

Power jack - 14Vac, @200mA

Electrical Specifications:

Frequency Response - 20Hz to 20kHz

Maximum input level - Controls maximum / WOW on - 2Vrms @ 1kHz.

THD+N - (-10dBu input, 20Hz to 20kHz) <0.4% (WOW on / controls maximum)

Power Output

Headphones - 400mW / Channel X2 (@ 32 ohms)

Where can I purchase the WOW Thing?
The WOW Thing is available direct from:

What are the power requirements for the WOW Thing?
The WOW Thing is packaged with a 110 AC/AC adapter and can be used in any country operating at 110V. The power adapter is fitted with a US wall plug.

Is the WOW Thing compatible with my system?

The WOW Thing is external hardware and will work with virtually any system with a stereo output.

What are the system requirements?

All that is required is a stereo audio source, such as the output from your computers stereo output sound card and an

external amplifier such as powered speakers.

Does the WOW Thing require any additonal software/hardware?
The WOW Thing is packaged with a 110 AC/AC adapter. Installation on your computer will require one additional stereo-mini to stereo-mini cable. Installation on a stereo TV or VCR will require two additional stereo-mini to dual RCA cables. Specific requirements and catalog numbers can be found in the WOW Thing User Manual.

What type of source material is compatible with WOW Thing?
The WOW thing is compatible with any stereo signal output device and will provide limited enhancement to mono sources also.

What types of audio players are compatible with the WOW Thing?
All players with a stereo output can be used with the WOW Thing.

How will it interface with my sound running programs?
The audio output of your sound programs are fed directly to your stereo sound card and the WOW Thing receives that output from your computers Stereo card.

Do I need to enable it when I'm running a program with sound?
It is suggested that the WOW Thing be switched on with your operating system. If the WOW Thing is placed in "BYPASS" mode, the signal will remain unprocessed.

What are the recommended settings the WOW Thing?
Both the WOW and TruBass effects increase as the individual processing levels are increased. It is recommended that both controls begin in the 12 o-clock position and are adjusted to you personal preferences.

What do the specific controls do?
WOW - adjusts the amount of WOW effect, specifically the size (both height and width) of the audio image

TruBass ñ adjusts the amount of bass enhancement

WOW On/Off switches between WOW processed and bypass mode

Volume adjusts the level of output to the speakers and the headphone jack volume

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