GS WorldView: December MIM
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New IIgs Unreleased Games
With Their Download Links!

by Charles T. "Dr. Tom" Turley
Contributing Editor - GS WorldView

In a recent visit to The Apple IIgs Gaming Memory Fairway 'What's New' page
I was really surprised and most pleased to see the addition of some very rare,
unreleased IIgs games like Neptune Project, Full Metal Planet (in French) and
Vindicator - plus many more I'm sure most IIgs users are not aware of. And,
they are all there for you to download as emulator disk images and REAL IIgs
disks in ShrinkIt disk archives - with color screen shots and Helix's reviews of each.
Do go check them out!



And, thanks for making them available, Helix. I'm sure many IIgs users will be
really thrilled to have such rare and unreleased games to play and enjoy now.

BTW, if anybody has a problem with the ShrinkIt archive of the unreleased GS
gamed mentioned above, you can download the ShrinkIt disk archive of each of
them from these ftp site URLs:


The archives have been varified and will unshrink to disks using ShrinkIt
IIgs v1.1, Balloon or on the Mac...Shrink II (allows unshrinking the ShrinkIt
disk archive to a REAL ProDOS 800k disk or as a DiskCopy 4.2 disk image file on
the Mac desktop, of folder of your selection).

What's next for the IIgs users?? I don't know but, Helix, whatever you have to
offer - I'm sure looking forward to it.

Cheers & Best Wishes to All,

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