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A2: The World, The Universe, etc.

Reading the post below from Csa2, I could not help but relate it to
the above title, as I think it really does relate the world,
the universe etc. concerning the Apple II computers and their
users in most all respects currently. What do you think?

GS WorldView Editor



Subject: Re: Juiced.GS (Volume 4, Issue 3)
From: yeo@pigeon.qut.edu.au (Willie Yeo)
Newsgroups: comp.sys.apple2
Date: 30 Nov 1999 21:27:52 GMT

Willie Yeo writes ...

Tony Ward (tward@XXXXenteract.com) wrote:

: Genie's A2 and A2Pro RoundTables were the center of the Apple II
: universe for many years. Most major developers had a presence there,
: both for support and beta testing.

I only can say this : it will be technically correct for those
living in the USA and Canada. But unless you can afford the expensive
connection fees to Genie from the rest of the world, it is like a
"exclusive club" to those that can afford to join/subscribe to it. For
one, I am standing on the position that I was BURNT by a X.25 network
access bill in a month than was 10 times more than my allowance as a

Poor students elsewhere in the world can't simply put in the money
than to warrant a subscription because of the expensive charges. (THE

And to those who emphasise on Delphi A2 as the current one, the
forums are free, moderated, and access to the file libraries are on a
subscription basis. And those on Delphi A2 has to be aware that there are
communities beyond Delphi A2 .... and many would not want to pay to be in
an "exclusive club" (i.e. access to libraries); and if developers /
resellers who wish to target just Delphi A2 members, than they are also
losing out the potential market share OUTSIDE of Delphi A2 (Even 1 sale is
an income !).

And all those on the csa2 as the world access, I can't agree more,
but (like everyone else puts it) there are communities beyond csa2 that
are living; and csa2 users should learn to exercise constraint on certain

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