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It is now the weekend of April 23rd-25, 1993. Here is a look at the photographs I took back then. If you want to read my personal recollection of the event click on Herb's AEW Rant. All photos were taken by me unless otherwise noted. These pictures may be used in newsletters or other web pages, I only ask that I be credited for them.

At The Front Door

Front Row: Tim Meekins, Herbert Fung, Todd Whitesel
Back Row: Eric Shepherd, Gary Templeman, (Yong Su Kim?)

This photo was taken by Jawaid Bazyar right after we all had lunch at a nearby Subway on Saturday.

Left to right: (Yong Su Kim?), Jawaid Bazyar, Tim Meekins, Todd Whitesel

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Last revised: April 5, 1999
Special thanks to Joe Kohn for refreshing my memories of the identities of some of the attendees, Charles Turley for identifying the one man who I couldn't, and Joseph A. Yandrofski for identifying himself and his assistant.

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